MileagePlus makes it easier to book complex itineraries

Customers have been asking us to simplify some of our awards programs, and we listened. We’re rolling out several changes effective Oct. 6, including enhancements to booking complex multi-city MileagePlus award travel.

Under the new program, awards will be priced on a one-way basis; two or more one-way awards can be combined to form round-trip or multi-city itineraries. While this sounds similar to what we currently do, this change will now allow members to stitch together complex multi-city itineraries on

We are also introducing the Excursionist Perk: Members who book an itinerary with three or more one-way awards will be eligible to receive one of those awards free, if it meets certain conditions.

These changes eliminate Round the World award travel and the stopover policy, which many customers found confusing. In many cases the total number of miles required to create a customized itinerary will be fewer than the Round the World awards were, without requiring customers to follow the stringent routing rules that came with Round the World awards.

At the same time, we’re streamlining our change and cancel fees. We’ll continue to waive them for 1K and United Global Services members, but we’ll charge Platinum members for changing or canceling award tickets if less than 60 days notice is given. We’ll be changing fees for most member levels, but they will be lower when a customer gives us more notice from the day of departure.

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