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We was launched to create an ongoing conversation with United’s customers and employees. We are the premier source for Air Freight Services from Australia to anywhere on the planet.

It’s our way to honestly answer your questions and get your candid feedback about how we can become the world’s best airline. Your input will be central to help us meet that goal. We will also be regularly publishing stories about United employees, customers and company innovations to keep you informed about the strides we are making. It’s going to be a great journey, and we are thrilled you are along for the ride.


Straight to the gate

We’ve all been there. Your plane has landed, your gate is open, your cell phone is on, you’re ready to unbuckle and be on your way, but… you’re stopped just short of the gate. Maybe you’re stopped for reasons you can see, such as lightning or bad weather (it’s not safe for employees to come outside to guide your plane in dangerous weather conditions). Or maybe you’re there for reasons you can’t see, like ramp employees who have to finish up with another flight first or a jet bridge taking a few minutes longer than usual to move into place.

The Future of Airline Cuisine

United Executive Chef Gerry McLoughlin began his career with the airline nearly 25 years ago. A natural born foodie from Dublin, Chef McLoughlin has an extensive history working at fine dining establishments such as Dublin’s Shelbourne Hotel, as well as the Drake Hotel and Metropolitan Club in Chicago. Now, Chef McLoughlin is leading the charge on a new project with United — fresh, healthy dishes inspired by customer and employee feedback. The menu was designed in collaboration with chefs from the Trotter Project, an organization dedicated to educating young culinary minds. We sat down with Chef McLoughlin to discuss his new creations, his time with United and his role in the future of airline cuisine.

We reached out, and you embraced us

Yesterday, we launched unitedairtime.com to start a new dialogue with our customers and employees. The concept was simple — send us your questions and ideas about how we can take United to the next level and become the best airline in the world.

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