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Q: Do you plan to resolve the incompatibility issue between your personal entertainment system/United app and Android (version 6.0 and above) devices?

A: As of today, only 20% of our personal device entertainment (PDE) equipped fleet has the Android compatibility issue, but we are working diligently to upgrade to new technology in the first half of 2017 that will remedy that altogether.

Q: When will the B-6 United Club be open at O’Hare?

A: The United Club located near O’Hare’s Terminal B6 opened in mid-October. For more information on United Club locations, amenities and operating hours, please visit the United Club and lounges site.

Q: Could you make it so the United App notifies you when your flight is boarding?

A: This is on our road map for 2017 as we look to add more notifications around flight activity, including boarding status.

Q: I would love to see the baggage claim location on the United app instead of having to find a screen in the terminal.

A: We launched this feature on the United app’s Flight Status screen in mid-November, and we are planning to introduce more baggage notifications next year.

Q: Why have you stopped providing razors and shaving cream on long haul flights? Also, no more mouthwash in business class? These things would be much appreciated on international flights since we already face liquid restrictions when bringing our own toiletries in cabin baggage.

A: We’re always interested in feedback on what amenity kit items our customers value most, and will take your feedback into consideration as we develop the next edition of kits.

Q: Will you expand your service into bigger Mexican cities, such as Guadalajara or Monterrey, from San Francisco, Chicago or Los Angeles? There isn't much available now in form of nonstop flights.

A: United Airlines currently offers the most comprehensive route network between Houston and Mexico, with more than 500 nonstop flights a week to 24 destinations. With that said, we constantly evaluate opportunities to grow our service to Mexico to best meet customer demand. Houston is United’s primary gateway for Mexico because it is the city that is most favorably positioned to connect traffic from across the network. Larger aircraft (including the 76-seat Embraer 175) have been deployed from Houston to several cities including Monterrey, Leon, and Guadalajara to improve the customer experience and better meet demand from both local and connecting traffic. Our service to Mexico is also well-developed from other hubs, such as Chicago, which has twice daily service to Monterey. For 2017, we plan to increase our service from Chicago to Mexico City to 12 flights each week.

Q: Can you add an inflight music library that can be accessed either through the personal device entertainment or the seatback entertainment options?

A: We currently offer a multi-genre audio playlist and a music video playlist curated by VEVO through our seatback entertainment systems, and personal device entertainment users can access our library of VEVO music videos on their own device.

Q: Can you add 30 minute increments to inflight Wi-Fi purchase options? The one hour options are not as relevant for shorter flights.

A: We are currently rolling out a new common portal where customers will have the option to purchase Wi-Fi internet by a time increment (e.g., 30 minutes, 1 hour) or for the full-flight. The new portal will also have additional features such as the ability to purchase Wi-Fi with a saved credit card or with MileagePlus miles.

Q: Do your flight attendants have access to a translator app inflight? A tool like this could come in handy.

A: Yes, we provide our flight attendants with a mobile device for use inflight and the Google Translator app is available there through the United Airlines app store. This is the same device that they use for inflight sales and to access their information and safety manuals.

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