Q: Can you provide electronic bag tags for elite customers? It would save cost on paper and provide hassle-free check-in experience.

A: We are researching this option, and since this is fairly new technology we plan to perform testing before committing to a specific supplier.

Q: If a passenger checks in early, can you allow them to take an earlier flight without a change fee? It would be great if you could create an algorithm that automatically allows this in the computer check-in kiosks.

A: We currently do offer same-day flight change options when you check in for a flight with discounted or no change fee depending on your MileagePlus status. For more information, view our same-day flight changes page on united.com.

Q: Why was the Houston to Paris flight terminated? Houston is the 4th largest city in the U.S. and a major hub.

A: Our research and experience shows that the demand for a nonstop flight between Paris and Houston is not large enough to be sustainable for us. We have shifted this capacity to our joint venture hubs in Frankfurt and Munich, which allow connections to Paris and elsewhere in Europe on Lufthansa. Read our story about the benefits of the Star Alliance here.

Q: When will the New York/Newark United Clubs be redone? They are outdated, over capacity and lacking things like nice bathrooms.

A: We are excited to begin renovations of our United Clubs at New York/Newark this spring and expect to complete them in 2017. As we announced in February, we’re upgrading club locations in our U.S. hubs – including New York/Newark – and key international cities with our new design and comfortable seating, additional work stations and abundant power outlets. In many locations, including at New York/Newark, we will expand the clubs’ size to offer more space for visitors to work, recharge or take care of their travel needs.

Q: As a Premier 1K member, my complimentary upgrades and even system-wide upgrades are increasingly hard to confirm. As little as three years ago my upgrades would clear approximately 90 percent of the time. This year I have only been upgraded twice, when I travel two-to-three times a week. What steps are you taking to maintain this critical perk for your most valued customers?

A: We continuously evaluate the right balance between upgrades for our high-value customers as well as availability for paid premium passengers. Availability of upgrade seats does vary by flight, market and aircraft type, and we scrutinize these details when considering enhancements or changes to our program. We continue to replace 50-seat regional jets with larger aircraft with premium cabins, which provides more upgrade opportunities. We’re also adding other perks to the Premier program such as our recent announcement of complimentary snacks and alcoholic beverages for Premier 1K members when flying in economy within North America as well as between Guam and Honolulu. This provides for an improved travel experience for our most valued customers regardless of the cabin they’re traveling in.

Q: Can you make United Club passes digital? I was on a trip using Passbook passes (iPhone) and forgot my yearly paper pass for club entrance and was unable to enter.

A: United Club members can access their United Club membership card via the United app and use that for entry into our club locations. For those using one-time passes, we plan to launch digital versions at the end of 2016. The digital passes will be available for both United Airlines-issued and Chase-issued passes.

Q: Can you provide baggage tracing so that we can see if our bag was scanned onto the flight, and if it was mishandled, be able to enter delivery information instead of having to wait on arrival?

A: We currently provide proactive notifications that alert customers upon arrival if their bag had previously arrived or if it is expected to be delayed. When you check in for your flight online, you’ll be asked if you want to receive these notifications, and you can choose to receive them via email, phone or both. We are working on rolling out notifications to advise customers when their bags are scanned and loaded at every step of their journey as well as an option to have their delayed bag set up for delivery so they can bypass the claim area. We will keep you posted on this rollout.

Q: The new sign-in process for my MileagePlus account on united.com requires me to select security questions and answers that will be used to help verify my identity in the future. However, the multiple choice answers do not always apply to me; for example, my favorite ice cream flavor is not one of the options provided. This will make it more difficult to remember my answer in the future. Also, I worry that my account is less secure because hackers can more easily guess answers from the multiple choice options. Can you provide the option of writing in our own security answers?

A: The security of your account is a top priority for us. When we began overhauling the sign-in process, we conducted a great deal of research into the security issues our customers face. We found that the vast majority of security issues can be traced to computer viruses that record your typing. We chose to use preset answers as our first form of enhanced authentication to protect against this keystroke logging. Additionally, our research indicated that some customers had previously created security answers that would be very easy to guess; the new preset answers ensure that our customers have a high degree of security. Our questions and answers are designed with a high degree of randomness built in – not all customers are asked the same questions, and not all customers receive the same potential answers to each question. This randomization is designed for your safety and security.

Q: On Boeing 787s, it seems that flight attendants take control of the window dimming features, keeping it dark for the entire flight no matter what time of day it is. This happened to me on numerous flights recently, and I felt it took away my ability to help adjust to a new time zone. Why do you do this?

A: We’re sorry you had this experience. There is a feature on the 787s that enables our flight attendants to lock the windows, but it’s not intended for use during normal operations. It is meant to be used only if someone (such as a child) is playing with the windows and disturbing other customers. We will be sure to clarify this with our flight attendants to keep this from happening in the future. The 787s are our customers’ favorite aircraft to fly on due to its supreme comfort, and we want to make sure you have the best experience.

Q: Can you bring back boarding music on all domestic flights? It sets the mood for boarding and is much more relaxing!

A: We have boarding music on our wide body aircraft and it will be coming soon to all aircraft with DIRECTV, which is almost 500 aircraft – most of our mainline fleet. We will have an upbeat playlist custom for United boarding.

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