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Tuition reimbursement for employees

It would be awesome if the company promoted the development of their employees by offering things like a tuition reimbursement program.

Immediate mileage posts

After completing a trip, I’d like to see the miles I earned post immediately into my MileagePlus account.

Predictable upgrades

Make upgrades for premiers easier and more predictable.

Cocktails, please

I’d love to see United serve cocktails onboard, such as martinis and mojitos, complete with corresponding garnishes and glasses.

Tea presentation

You should present herbal teas to first class customers in a wooden tea box, just like at a nice restaurant. It would be so classy.

Cross-train employees

For our agents to be fully versed on the scope of what happens within the airline, I believe observation time across divisions should be part of the training with United. For example, reservations agents could have an opportunity to observe ramp, customer service or baggage services employees so they can have additional perspective when advising customers about connections, baggage check-in and rebooking.

Add definitions for delays

Add a “what does this mean” section to flight status to explain the meaning of delay terms such as “operational difficulties,” “aircraft preparation,” or “air traffic control impacting flight operations,” so that we can better understand the reasoning for delays.

Recognition cards

Give elite flyers a set of recognition cards to give to employees or to send to the company to recognize those that give outstanding service.

Help us celebrate

Allow customers to celebrate special occasions on board by ordering birthday cakes, mini bottles of champagne, greeting cards and other things that the flight attendants could deliver. This would be a really cool way for passengers to celebrate and remember their trips.

Regional specialty snacks on board

I am a United pilot, based at DCA (Washington, D.C.). I think offering our customers a local or regional specialty snack or beverage would be a nice touch. For example, Garrett popcorn always has a huge line in the Chicago airport – what about a small snack pack? Each hub could have a specialty item.

Update: We began offering Garrett popcorn for sale on May 1 on flights over two hours in the United States, Caribbean, Latin America and between Hawaii and Guam. We’re also working to bring more regional specialties to our flights worldwide.

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