We're making progress
Provide “chat live”

Can you provide a “chat live” feature on united.com that would allow us to instant message with your contact center agents? This would allow less immediate issues to be addressed and keep the phone lines open for more urgent needs.

Provide call-back option

Contact Center agents should have the ability to call customers back if a call is dropped.

Free lounge access for top tier

Provide complimentary lounge access to the top tier of 1K members.

Streaming in the clubs

Provide the same streaming entertainment that’s aboard some aircraft in the United Clubs.

Dreamliner dreams

Please consider adding Boeing 787 Dreamliners on the international routes out of your Newark/New York hub

Serve hot towels

A simple but effective way to help improve service would be to serve hot towels to all passengers upon boarding.

Gluten-free please

How about offering a gluten-free snack for the people who have celiac disease or have or gluten allergies?

Be our guest

Let’s refer to our customers as “guests” instead of “passengers.”

Economy Plus freebies

Any chance you can start to offer one free drink and a free meal for all customers seated in Economy Plus?

Showcase your employees

Showcase some of the employees that keep your airline running to the public.

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